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Above: The sun porch's design encourages close conversation and informal visiting while visually inviting the expansive lawn and outdoors into the space. An otherwise traditional room is transformed into something playful and stylish, with classic rattan-style furniture in energetic colors and fabrics, a lipstick-pink chair and lamp, and a grass green-colored, high-gloss painted ceiling. Facing Page Top Left: Originally the long, open hallway—with its numerous points of exit to the front and back yards, living and dining rooms, kitchen, and upstairs—lacked a strong visual center. To create one, an oversized, printed wall hanging in marigold and white was juxtaposed against Swedish country furnishings. As intended, focus is drawn to the center of the hallway through the introduction of this modernist, pop-art element. Facing Page Top Right: Fun, expressive colors can be both traditional and modern in the same interior. Using a bold palette with large, graphic prints on traditional furniture, rugs, and window treatments, the master bedroom in the 100-year-old, shingle-style home located in a Rhode Island seaside town is classic with a mid-century twist. Facing Page Bottom: A desire for casual informality and quiet elegance informed the design of the large living room. Different seating areas balanced around the room's center-fireplace focal point, as well as other smaller groupings, create visual moments that invite easy and gracious living. A sophisticated play of fresh colors renders the room comfortable year-round. Photographs by Eric Roth Tour1 Tour2 Tour3 Tour4 "Good design shouldn't just make a home beautiful; it should make it function better." Andrew Suvalsky

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