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Andrew Suvalsky Designs "Downloading the information:" That's what Andrew Suvalsky calls the important first step of each new design project. Through discussion, Q & A, and looking at images, Andy discovers where each homeowner's head and heart lie, what they aspire to, what they envision, and even why they engaged him—vital pieces of data that lay the foundation for what will ultimately materialize into a dream residence. Andrew knows that he can't deliver the perfect design without first understanding someone's story, so he delights in piecing together the puzzle of both personal taste and lifestyle and discovering how to build a more beautiful, refined version of "home" for the owners. It's Andrew's reasoning that if your home is beautiful and cohesive, this will be reflected in other areas on your life. Hearing "we love living here" is one of the highest compliments he receives and what he strives for with every project. Above: Mixing elements in unexpected ways, such as the full-height, leather-upholstered wall with matching built-in banquette that's used as a backdrop for a classic-modern walnut and chrome dining table, is one way to define a separate room within a larger, open living space. Photograph by Peter Murdock Facing Page: Strong geometric shapes with beautiful silhouettes set against each other results in a beautiful and inviting vignette. To create something both sexy and warm, I opted for warm bronzes and oranges with splashes of fresh cream. The oversized lamp and Venetian plaster wall, hand-polished to a high-gloss sheen, amplify the vibrancy of the space. Photograph by Mark Byron

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