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Above Left: Luscious, bright colors—pinks, golds, yellows, and other enticing hues—leap from, but don't overpower, the room's neutral foundation of grey and sand tones. Though its colors suggest it was both commissioned and the inspiration for the room, amazingly the large painting over the sofa was found and placed as the defining finishing piece. Above Right: Different colors and materials can be more dramatically expressed when repeated in art and furniture within the same room. The homeowners gravitated toward orange tones and ebonized woods, and finding art and fabrics they loved in perfectly matched colors was at first a challenge, but ultimately the room's biggest success. Design consultation by Jeffrey King, Jeffrey King Interiors. Left: When picking intense colors to mix together, the success of doing so hinges upon striking a delicate balance of elements, between patterns and solids, soft and hard textures, or forms of both small and large scale. Mixing Asian-inspired, horizontal-lined furnishings with bright pop-art colors was the original idea for the bedroom, but it's the diamond-patterned wallpaper as the backdrop that ties both worlds together. Facing Page: Inspired by a classic men's suit, the design is a handsome mix of charcoal-colored grasscloth wallpaper, a sofa in grey flannel, and dark neutral rugs. However, while the homeowners desired something both masculine and simple, they wanted accents introduced that would give the room real style. Much like a colorful silk placed in the pocket of an elegant Savile suit finishes the look of a well-dressed man, the acid green and chartreuse pillows, side chair, and drapes, set amongst a sea of deep grey tones, complete the story of the room. Design consultation by Jeffrey King, Jeffrey King Interiors. Photographs by Eric Laverty

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