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335 WATERMARK BY THE J RIGO GROUP CAMPBELL, CA John Rigo solves problems so no one knows there was a problem, but his work is so much more than just engineering solutions. His company, Watermark by the J Rigo Group, Inc. designs and builds stunning pools that lead the industry, something that John himself has been doing for decades. As the builder of the first saltwater pool in the Bay Area in 1991, John was ahead of the pack and enjoyed an exclusive for about five years. Today, he's designed passive solar systems that provide efficient heating while saving owners up to 80 percent on their heating bills. Creating exclusive, one-of-a-kind designs, privacy means a lot to John. His clients enjoy a candid account of everything that goes into their pools. John prides himself on honesty and open communication. When you've got a question about the project going on in your backyard, his company is one of the few firms around these days that allows clients to talk to the business owner directly. Having worked with the top three largest pool companies in the world, John struck out on his own when it became apparent that many companies weren't willing to take bold steps to design unique pools that push the limits. Since then, his designs showcase the ingenuity that drives his work: he's never afraid to think outside of the box and do what others have only dreamed of before.

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