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309 The result of an artist's pursuit of perfection, Optima serves as developer, architect, designer, and general contractor on every one if its projects. This unique approach to place- making allows founder David Hovey, FAIA, to ensure total quality at every step. The perfect site is chosen, views are maximized, the exterior and interior are thoughtfully designed for aesthetic and functionality, and the project strikes the delicate balance between innovative and timeless. Even before the planning begins, David is at the helm to effectively finance the large-scale undertaking. When the project is complete, Optima remains involved as its real estate sales, leasing, and property management staff ensure that all is well with the building and its residents. The Optima team is passionately committed to erecting buildings of the absolute highest quality. Optima specializes in high-end multifamily dwellings that are sustainably designed and built. The firm employs a number of LEED-accredited professionals and has formed a long-term partnership with bimSCORE, an organization with a progressive approach to optimizing functional and business performance. While each of Optima's creations is site-specific and unique in its own right, all are united in being appropriate for the 21st century: environmentally, aesthetically, structurally, and functionally. OPTIMA SCOTTSDALE, AZ

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